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121109 Sooyoung @ Official Website Picture + Message - Translated

의진, please don't go~~~~~~ㅠㅡㅠ

여러분^ㅡ^ 잘 지내셨어요?!

수영이는 곧 나오는 일본앨범발매로 하루하루 바쁘게 보내고 있어요♥
앨범..정말 기대해도 좋아요! 그야말로 대박입니다..^^

앨범부터 내년투어까지.. 벌써부터 설레네요^^
오늘은 제3병원마지막방송이에요ㅠㅠ

작년 이맘때쯤 대본 받고, 마지막 방송되는 오늘까지도
저는 의진이가 될 수 있어서 너무 행복했어요^^! 여러분은 어떠셨어요?^^

여러분도.. 의진이와 웃고 우는 나날로 행복하셨다면
전 그것만으로...연기 첫 도전! 후회 없을 것 같아요.^^

사전제작이어서 준비하고 촬영하면서 엄마한테 성적표 보여주는 기분으로
여러분이 어떻게 봐주실까.. 설렘반 걱정반이었는데..
막상 끝내고 보니 잘하고 못하고, 결과를 떠나 의진이가 되었던 순간들,
하나의 작품을 위해 같은 곳을 보며 함께 고생한 사람들, 모든 것이 마냥 그립기만 하네요.. ^^
최선을 다해서 역할에만 몰입하는 것도 중요하지만..
지금이 아니면 다시 오지 않을 순간들, 그 곳에 있던 모든 사람들과의 소중한 시간들을
좀 더 여유있게 즐길걸 그랬다..하는 생각도 들어요^^ㅎㅎ
다음 작품 때는.. 더 여유로운 수영이가 되어있을 수 있겠죠??^^

ㅎㅎ그때 쏘원이 뚜엉이 궁디팡팡 해주꺼지?!??+_+

본방사수 해준 우리소원과 제3병원의 모든 시청자 여러분 감사합니다!^^

마지막으로 지금도 어디선가 내일을 간절히 바라며 오늘과 싸우고 있을
수많은 의진이..민준이.. 또는 환우 여러분..
저희 이야기가 조금이라도 위로가 되었기를 바라며 항상 기도하겠습니다.


Everyone ^ㅡ^ How have you been?!

Sooyoung has been spending each day busily due to the upcoming Japanese album release♥
The album..You really won't regret looking forward to it! It's simply daebak..^^
From our album to our tour next year.. I'm getting nervous already^^
Today is 'The 3rd Hospital's' last broadcastㅠㅠ

From the time I received the script around this time last year, until today's last broadcast,
I'm really happy I was able to be Euijin^^! How was it for you all?^^

If you all.. Were happy, laughing and crying with Euijin each day,
Then that alone… makes me not regret! My first acting attempt.^^

Because it was a preproduction, while preparing and filming, as if I were showing my mom my report card,
I was half excited and nervous.. Also as to how you all would think of it..
But now that I'm done with it, aside from the results of whether I did well or not, the moments I was Eujin,
and all the hard working people who looked in the same direction for one work, I just miss it all.. ^^
While it's important to do your all in focusing on your role..
The current times that wont' come again, the precious times with all the people in that one spot,
makes me think.. I should have relaxed and enjoyed it some more^^ ㅎㅎ
During my next work.. I should be able to become a more relaxed Sooyoung, right??^^

ㅎㅎ SSONE will pat Ddooyoung's bottom then, right?!?? +_+ (pat her bottom as if saying, 'good job')

Our SONE and all 'The 3rd Hospital' viewers who watched the original broadcast, thank you!^^

Lastly, to all the Eujins..Minjuns.. and also friends (I think?) who are currently somewhere, fighting, hoping for tomorrow..
I hope that our story was of some help, and I will always pray for you.
I love you♥

Credits: facebook.com/girlsgeneration ll ch0sshi ll ImanRyad [SONEms.net]

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