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120824 MCM Renewal Open event

Yoona New UFO Reply

Jessica Selca?

i dont know its really sica's selca or just fanmade selca

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany looks gorgeous even offstage

Recent paparazzi photos of Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany proved once again that her beauty radiates even without the fancy stage costumes and kill heels.

Tiffany appeared at Kodam (Korean Dining Lounge) in Nonhyundong on the evening of August 11th, and met up with people in the fashion industry, such as stylist Kim Woo Ri, in the middle of her busy schedule. She looked like just another average 24-year-old meeting up with her friends for an overdue chat.

The Girls’ Generation member stayed about an hour at the restaurant, talking and eating delicious food. She didn’t mind the stares of the customers and fans, and even moved on to sit in the outside terrace to focus on her conversations.

She wore little to no facial makeup, and her hair was not done. However, the lack of makeup did not change her beautiful features, and notably, her hair was loosely let down her back unlike on stage.

The one thing that stood out the most was her sense of fashion. That night, all she chose to wear were a flower print t-shirt, hot pants, and flats. She also had a luggage bag from Celine with her.

When you take a look at each item individually, they aren’t so special, but they come alive when Tiffany wears them. Even though she ditched her kill heels for a comfortable pair of flats, her hot pants, peaking from underneath her boxy t-shirt, made her legs look long and slender.

Tiffany chatted happily until the end of the meeting, but sadly had to leave when passerbys started to take glimpses of her. It appeared that she was leaving for her dorm to get ready for tomorrow’s schedule.

Take a look at more of Dispatch’s photos below.

Picture+Source: Dispatch via Nate

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[MESSAGE] Tiffany's Message on Japanese Fansite

It's Tiffany!

Today I will introduce one of my favorite items!
This is an ipad case~.
When I'm free, I relax by watching movies and dramas and also listen to music!
Of course its in my favorite color pink♪
My charger is also pink~ (laughs)
When you see this, I wonder if everyone could immediately notice that it's mine ^^ ??

translation: redsunset@soshified.com & Kkabbekky@soshified.com
source: Japan mobile fansite

120823 Yuri @ Samsonite Red Pop Up Art Exhibition


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