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‘The 3rd Hospital’ Reveals a Profile for Sooyoung’s Character

As a preview for its upcoming broadcast, “The 3rd Hospital” has revealed a character profile for “Euijin”, Sooyoung’s character in the drama.

Lee Euijin

Euijin, who just returned from Germany,
“I want to stay in Seunghyun’s house!”
A violist who hangs onto Seunghyun.

She lived with Choi Hyunwook in Jiri Mountain as his daughter.
She’s a high school student and is studying viola.
When she was 5 years old, her mother passed away.
After that, Hyunwook took care of her. That’s why it’s “Lee” Euijin.
She grew up under Hyunwook and Uncle Kanghyuk in Jiri Mountain.
Because Hyunwook spoiled her, she started talking to Seunghyun
using informal language as soon as she saw him, but it looked cute rather than rude.
As soon as Seunghyun heard Euijin’s name, his face hardened.
When he later found out the truth, he was hurt.
Euijin liked Seunghyun from the beginning, and without hiding, she followed Seunghyun everywhere.
She tells her uncle, who was worried that no one would take a tomboy like her, not to worry because there is Seunghyun.
After a few years in Jiri Mountain, Seunghyun returns to Seoul.
To Euijin, who starts to have tears in her eyes after absorbing the news, Seunghyun promises he will come back for her.
Soon, after her studies in Germany, Euijin comes back to Seohan Hyupjin Hospital where Seunghyun is staying.
Within a few years, she became much prettier. Now, she is not just a girl he used to know,
but comes back for Seunghyun as a woman.
While she was waiting for Seunghyun in a research room, she tried to pull a prank by grabbing the body of a person who was coming in. However, it wasn’t Seunghyun, but Doohyun.
She yelled, “100% sorry!” and ran away. This was her first encounter with Doohyun.
After that, she meets Seunghyun and tells him she will stay at his house during the orchestra audition period.
Starting a new life in Korea, two men come for her.
Seunghyun, who she really liked from her childhood, and Doohyun, who keeps running into her.

“The cute and lovely Euijin came to take responsibility of Seunghyun.
I think Seunghyun looks out for me because my name is Euijin. The fact that my name is Euijin… I’m very thankful.”

“The 3rd Hospital” is set to begin airing on tvN beginning September 5th.

Source: bestiz
Translated by: 오이사랑싴@soshified, ch0sshi@soshified, minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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Sunny Official Website Message - [From. SUNNY] 소원들~

어제 하루 써니가 없어서 넘 허전했죠?
걱정시켜서 너무너무 미안하구…
얼굴 보고 괜찮으니까 걱정하지 말라고 얘기해주고 싶었는데..
너무너무 보고 싶은 우리 소원들 못봐서 나도 너무 속상했어요..
정말정말 미안하구요
그래두 병원 가서 주사 맞고 약 먹으니까
오늘은 정말 많이 괜찮아졌어요
진짜진짜 걱정시켜서 미안하구
너무너무 의미 있고 뜻깊은 5주년팬파티는 놓쳤지만..
우리한테 하루하루 매일이 의미 있고 소중한 날들이니까..
다음이 더 많을거니까..
기다리게 해서 걱정하게 해서 미안하구요
다음엔 더 좋은 모습으로 더 재밌고 행복한 시간 만들어줄께요


Yesterday because Sunny was not present/around was it like feeling emtpy ?
For making you all worried for me i am really really sorry 
After looking at my face , it was looking okay so i want to tell you guys not to worry i am okay . 
I really really wish to see you all our S♥NEs , not being able to meet i am also upset . 
Really really sorry 
Even so , i still went to the hospital to receive a shot and am eating/having my medicine 
Today i am really much better already 
Really really sorry to all who have worried for me 
Even though i am not able to attend the 5th anniversary fan-party that has really really great significant , but because to us every single day is meaningful and precious 
In the future , there will still be many 
I am sorry for making you guys wait and worry over me 
The next time i will show you guys a better side of me and make it a more meaningful and fun time

[UPDATE] GirlsGeneration 5th Anniversary Party

# Update with Jessica's Cake
# Update with Sooyoung's Cake
# Update with Taeyeon's Cake

- Sunny is there but she's not on the stage currently

- Kim Shinyoung is the mc for today's fanmeet!

- Shinyoung was also the MC for SNSD's 3rd anniversary party!

- Sunny is having headache but she'll join in shortly

- Yuri said "We are goddess"

- Taeyeon said she's really happy, and Yuri started doing a Crayon Shin-chan dance by her side and then the two of them ended up dancing together

- Apparently 2 sones were hauled out of the auditorium for taking videos/photos

- Kinda game decorating cake by the girls

- It's freaking hot inside the venue and soshi are sweating a lot

- Yuri is really high today, taeyeon and Hyoyeon are trying to stop her but still fail

- Hyoyeon's cake seems like blood cake because of red cream

- Jessica's cake is picked as the worst cake

- Taeyeon did "bbuing bbuing"!

- Tiffany won the cake making contest!

- Tiffany's cake is pink in colour

- Cake making competition - Best cake: Tiffany Worst cake: Jessica

- They sang "Happy birthday SNSD and Happy birthday Tiffany" all together

- Tiffany said "We don't have 3D yet. CF lie. We don't watch via 3D!"

- For the cake-making competition, all they did was to decorate the cake, the cake was already prepared

- Jessica made cucumber shaped cake

- Jessica was forced to design a cucumber shape cake

- yoona attempting to put salt into other members cake thing is fake LOL

- SONEs shouted "Boom Boom Boom" together loudly

- If you guys are wondering why isn't there any pics for the fanmeet it's because they're not allowed to take pictures :(

- They're showing the video messages from other SM artists

- The "paparazzi" that they performed is the Japanese version one

- The girls' seating are Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Jessica, Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Taeyeon and Seohyun

- the girls are choosing the interesting question they want to read

- Taeyeon was the one who suggested it but she keeps opening the question, read it and throw away lol

- The cheers and fanchants for the fanmeet is really loud!

- They were playing last fanmeeting's video, that why we heard ITNW ballad

- For Soshi, SONEs are? Tiffany: Genie, SONEs are our genie

- Q: What is funniest variety show? Ans: Hello Baby Taeng: wonder what is kyungsan doing?

- Taeyeon show off the hosting talent at questioning time

- SNSD are giving "GiRL" perfumes to the 9 fans that they just called out

- The fans that are receiving perfumes are also calling their fav members and getting hugs/handshakes

- Taeyeon: "It was sad that Sunny couldnt be here but fanmeetings with fans are always fun. Next fanmeet, i hope that all our members are healthy. And I think we should have our next fanmeet during winter so its not hot like today"

- SNSD: pls don't hate SONE SONE: pls don't hate SNSD. so touching

- Final song and then the fanmeet will end. they asked the fans which song they want to hear and fans are obviously yelling "complete". Knowing this, soshi prepared the concert ver

- Tiffany and seohyun dedicating to SONE!

- SONE surprise event for SNSD 5th Anniv Party: Pink Paper Planes with message by each SONEs were thrown off!

- Tiffany says SONEs are romantic because of the Pink Paper Planes event. The girls thanked SONEs

- Taeyeon: Thank you so much for coming!

- Tiffany: Thank you! Sarangheyo!

- They just hinted about a solo concert asking fans to come to it if it happens anytime soon

- The songs that the girls performed today are: The Boys, Paparazzi (Japanese version), Gee & Complete

- Jessica was just looking at the candies and stoning while the others are decorating their cake

- Best fan service goes to hyoyeon, yoona & sooyoung. Intermediate receiver goes to jessica

- Tiffany said: The most powerful group in universe - SNSD

- Yoona cried because of the airplane event

- After the party, yoona opened the car window to wave to SONEs

- Both side open and receive gifts

- Yoona is trolling fans now she keeps on repeats the process of opening and closing the window

- Taeyeon is worry if there are no more SONEs one day. She said in the interview before that they received too much love and she scare this love will be gone and she is still worry until now

- They were celebrating the fifth anniversary with Tiffany's cake

- Sunny didn't went onto the stage today but she was at the venue

- Yoong was going to close the window but people tried to pass gifts to her so she tried to open the windows again then open the whole windows to accept gifts . After that many people stuffed gifts to their cars lol

- Jessica and tiffany asked yoona to fan them casue it's too hot

- Our girls "ugly face contest" photos released in fanmeeting event today. Yuri and Tiffany's photo was awesome!

- Tiffany said "I will exercise hard with Yuri!" and Yuri was like "Promise!" So Tiffany and Yuri pinkie-swear

- Hyoyeon fan Jessica the whole night. Jessica & Tiffany saw yoona fanning both walk over. Yoona end up fanning both of them

- Fans threw a pink paper airplane at Fanmeeting last stage "complete"

- There are many yuri and taeyeon moments today

- Girls give some gifts to SONEs. When Tiffany gives gift to a male SONE she hugs him.

- Taeyeon did a lot of aegyo hoping SONE to choose her cake

- During Cake Making contest, Yoona decorated "SNSD" word and "SONE" word on her cake. And she was like "SONE always support us, So I did it"

- What is your funniest TV programs that girls shoot? - Hello Baby(Sooyoung)

- Sooyoung was like "Look forward to Next album~"

- Today Sunny's condition was very bad, let's pray that she'll get well soon!

- Tiffany says she feels happy when she reads SONEs' fan letters. It gives power and love to her. Sones! We need to write letters to Tiffany!

- The "ugly face contest" selcas released include mostly of Sooyoung. Jessica with her, Yuri's photo can see her and also Hyoyeon

- When they were going to announce the ranking for the cake they did, they took something like ribbon in their hands Yuri dunno how to do it so she went to find Yoona

- Tiffany was answering question while Yoona & Yuri is talking to each other with Tiffany in the middle

- Question chosen by Sooyoung: You laugh because of the member"Yoona answered quickly: Yuri unnie

- Sooyoung picked a questionarie and that was like "When do you feel preciousness of members?" and she was like "These days, I shoot drama without my members these days... Sometime members come to my shooting place with some gift" c

- After performing "PAPARAZZI", girls were too much tired because it's the most difficult and hard dance. But Sones were screaming BoomBoomBoom!

- iffany's B'day party, she said "I feel like I'm a main character today's event!" wearing the crown on her head. Taeyeon says, " Yes! Indeed!"

- This is the cake that yoona made for the cake-making competition

- This is the cake that hyoyeon made for the cake-making competition

- Tae, Soo, Yul and Hyo continue decorate their cake while shinyoung is not paying attention although it's closing time

- There was this cake-making seasion which members were to decorate the cakes as nicely as possible. Yuri cheated by starting early and Taeyeon spent so much time shopping for her decorative ingredients and kept on cheating by adding more things on her cake when the time was over. Sooyoung was really skillful in squeezing out the cream and wrote 0805 in blue. Hyoyeon circled the cake with many red heels and wrote some unreadable words in red on the cake which was dripping like it was bleeding haha. Seohyun made a light blue striped cake with 9 girls on top very quickly and nicely. Yoona made a cake with big letters saying SNSD <3 SONE with SNSD on top of SONE saying it's bcoz of us could they have been here. Jessica was slow as usual and made a really simple cake haha. Yuri was really ambitious and added a lot of things on the cake haha. Tiffany won the contest by creating a really sophisticated cake with pink letters and many decorations.

- Before Tiffany blowing out a candle on a cake, she prays in silence. I'm happy to see her in pray again. Happy Birthday to MY sweetie

- A good hearted fan tasted a piece of hyoyeon's cake but spat it out instantly

- In yuri's selca, she is reading book with spectacles. Another is she played roller coaster. Yuri and Tiffany's photo is edited become abnormal

- Tiffany says: She's well-informed in financial investment matters for the future. She said she wants to have a good big house and nice car~

- "Seohyun made a light blue striped cake with 9 girls on top very quickly and nicely"......Seohyun's cake

- "Hyoyeon circled the cake with many red heels and wrote some unreadable words in red on the cake which was dripping like it was bleeding"

- Taeyeon: "I really love you so much! Really!"

- The hall was really really hot we're all soaked in sweat and Jessica was basically in a speehless and breathless state throughout haha.

- I think this is during the 'ugly face/photo' contest segment. Before revealing Yoona's one, Kwon Yuri said "Yoona this picture is interesting." In the end when it was revealed, fans were like ah~ it's not humiliating at all. Taeyeon said it's because Yoona is a female actress and then Yuri panicked and said "그럼 나는! (In that case, what am I!" (YulTi's one was really humiliating)

- Yuri cheated by starting early and Taeyeon kept on cheating by adding more things on her cake when the time was over

- Funny unseen pics of SNSD members were shown and Sooyoung kept on appearing with the others. Yuri & Tiffany's picture was the most hilarious. Their mouths were distorted because it's taken with photo booth. Sunny wasn't present but they showed a really handsome pic of her in her short blonde hair. Sooyoung's was also really funny - it's her attacking some spaghetti hungrily with a tee on her head. She explained it saying she was too hungry when she was taking off her tee and just didn't bother to finish taking it off 

- Jessica was really violent with Hyoyeon & she hit her fan on Hyoyeon's mic making a really loud noise

- There was a gift-giving session in which audience were picked by drawing lots to have a chance to receive presents from SNSD members. The present were 9 bottles of GIRL perfume and 4 Baby-G watches. Fangirls were hugged by them and fanboys were given a handshake except Tiffany who hugged a fanboy really tightly! Jessica was reluctant to give a fangirl a hug because she said she was sweating too much (I think) but still hugged her in the end.

- Tiffany changes a certain part of the "Complete". "그대이길 바래요. -> 소원이길 바래요." The last love of my life, I hope that is Sone.

- So for Yuri's "ugly-face" selca: she was playing roller coaster with Sooyoung while pretending to read a book

- Tiffany's selca was she and Yuri edited to weird face at the Incheon music wave backstage because they wanted best pic but ended up got weird pic 

- Sooyoung said in Japan dorm because she was too hungry so she ate when she just finished washing her hair , hair hair was like wrap to a bun

- During the Q&A session a fan wrote whether they could perform the Minion Song in concert and tiffany sort of promised us 

- During the last song Complete, we flew pink paper planes as a special event. It was really nice and Sooyoung Yoona were obviously touched. One of them picked up a plane and on it wrote why don't we wear formal suits and dresses for the next fanmeeting and Yuri said it was a good idea they should give it a try~ 

- Taeyeon selca: in waiting room she was lying on the sofa but her legs put so high on the wall and playing with her phone

- When members were to show their cakes to us, Taeyeon kept on making funny and cute faces killing us with her aegyo~ Sooyoung held her cake up with one hand and gave a short sexy walk and made sexy expressions

- Hyoyeon's cake .... taste good lol

- Pink paper airplane event was succeed! Tiffany says, "Sones! You guys are so much ROMANTIC!!" And TaeNy say it together again~ "ROMANTIC~"

- Q: How are you feeling today? Say in three letters. Tiffany: "RedBull! It's my favorite, my heart misses a beat! It seems like drinking a RedBull!" 

- Yuri rested her head on tiffany's shoulder

- Secretly taken by some sone

- This is the cake that Tiffany made for the cake-making competition

- For jessica's cake she decorated it with two heart, one heart represents her and the other one represents SONEs. Draft:

- When celebrities' congratulation comments are broadcasting in event, especially Tiffany(aka Cali girl) is screaming at BoA, Jang DongGeon.

- Fans said seohyun's is a light blue striped cake with 9 girls at the top 

- The cakes made by SNSD were given to randomly picked fans at the end.

- Yuri was so crazy tonight. They were to leave the stage to prepare for the next stage and a video of previous fanmeetings was shown. Yuri was walking to backstage when her part was shown and she stopped abruptly and danced her part in the dark before hurrying to backstage 

- Tiffany and sooyoung were debating over whose cake is better. Tiffany was focusing on how her colours and Sooyoung was talking about her 0805 

- This is the cake that Yuri made for the cake-making competition

- Random lucky SONEs collecting the cakes that snsd made

- MC Shinyoung had a hard time controlling the girls when they were to give a 10 sec introduction of their cakes. Taeyeon kept on adding things when Shinyoung turned around and when Shinyoung was stopping Taeyeon, Hyoyeon started adding things to hers on the other end, making Shinyoung running here and there trying to stop the naughty kids LOL

- At the end of the event, girls took a photo with Sones for their background. (like a Taeyeon's MuCore self camera) 

- I think Tiffany blurted out in English "colour coordination" while debating with sooyoung over the best cake if I never rmb wrongly. 

- Sooyoung did hair flip and yuri kept touching her hair 

- Jessica's cake is a joke. Is like last min flick one bunch on rainbow dots kind like stuff in the middle of the cake 

- What happened to tiffany's cake, I remember it being way nicer. 

- During opening of (The Boys), while Yuri was dancing/swinging her arms/hands the button(?) came/flew off. When evaluating the cakes , everytime shinyoung unnie turns around, Taeyeon Sooyoung Hyoyeon and Yuri will sneakily add some things on their cake 

- 1) While doing the cake, Yuri added something like pepper powder substance on her cake, then she *hoot* (blow away ) then she threw the bottle away The cool/dont care expression she showed was cooled and funny at the same time. 2) While showing/playing fan made videos, Yuri who was about to go off stage heard the bgm was oh, so she came back and danced a small part/portion. 3) Yuri's cake looked like snowman 4) Yuri said everytime seeing sones that praise for not only the ending but also the process, she feels happy 

- Funny unseen pics description: Sooyoung - attacking some spaghetti with a half-taken-off tee on her head Hyoyeon - lying on a sofa, head on Sooyoung's lap, legs up Jessica - falling asleep with Sooyoung glaring at her from beside Yoona - with a mini pair of sunglasses (she said there's a much crazier one but couldn't show it haha) Tiffany - distorted mouth using photobooth with Yuri Yuri - reading a book with glasses on with Sooyoung behind her on a Rollercoaster Taeyeon - lying on a sofa upside down with her legs sticking up Seohyun - with sunglasses and pajamas on plane Sunny - suoer handsome with blonde shirt hair making a rocker pose

- A deep, thorough analysis of Yuri's cake:

- Another angle of Tiffany's cake :

- When Shinyoung stopped Yuri from further decorating her cake she threw her tools in the air. Taeyeon also threw the squeezer on the table when Shinyoung stopped

- Members asked Jessica to show her expression when she's feeling hot and she showed a breathless blank face . Then they asked her to show an astonished face she just twiggled her eyebrows she seemed so reluctant to move since she must be feeling too hot poor

- The members kept on wiping their sweat and fanning themselves while Sooyoung was fanning her boots 

- This is the cake that Seohyun made for the cake-making competition

- Seohyun always talked so modestly and seriously that everyone would just naturally 

- Saw Sooyoung's parents walking into the venue while lining up :) heard that Yuri's parents were there too~

- There was a lot if YulTi tonight~ Some HyoSic and TaeNy too~

- When Shinyoung stopped Yuri from further decorating her cake she threw her tools in the air hahhahah. Taeyeon also threw the squeezer on the table when Shinyoung stopped her hahha these 2 were sooo dorky

- The girls had to decide which 4 members would give out the 4 watches to fans. They started to discuss and quickly turned into a big fuss with every member almost trying to yell hhahaa and we fans were sitting back and laughing at those noisy girls talking nonstop on stage~ In the end they used rock paper scissors to decide~

- The members kept on wiping their sweat and fanning themselves while Sooyoung was fanning her boots hahhahhaa

- Seohyun always talked so modestly and seriously that everyone would just naturally quiet down and listen intently~ sweet maknae

- Yuri tried hard to make jokes but it turned out not to be as funny as anticipated hahha and she would start laughing herself~

- Sooyoung was pretty reserved today maybe bcoz her parents were here? But she made everyone laugh a lot just by talking calmly~ really a witty and funny girl~ pity that I couldn't understand a lot of Korean and couldn't catch some of her jokes..

- Overall on members: Sooyoung wasn't crazy tonight but made everyone laughed so much. Hyoyeon didn't talk much but her smile was sooo sweet and bright. Jessica was basically in a blank state due to the hotness haha. Yoona and Seohyun were their normal selves. Taeyeon kept on making funny faces and showing aegyos like Bboong Bboong. Tiffany was so energetic like she had been charged haha. Yuri was the most impressive bcoz she's rly silly and crazy hahhahha.

- Taeyeon's Cake :

- Sooyoung's Cake:

- Jessica's Cake

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