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Lirik Lagu SNSD - All My Love Is For You + Download Link

[Jessica] Atarashī machi de notta densha no mado utsutta
Fuan sona me o shita watashi wa
[Seohyun] Anata ga oshiete kureta
Jibunrashisa wasurenaide
Ima mo kagayaite iru ka na
[Taeyeon] Nagare teku keshiki futo shinkokyushite
[Yuri] Miageta sora no hate
[Tiffany] anata no koe ga shita
[All] Tokuhanarete ite mo me o tojireba
Hora kokoro wa soba ni iru
[Tiffany, Jessica, Seohyun] All my love is for you
Nothing left to lose
[All] Dare yori mo ai no imi o chikara o shi~tsu terukara
[Tiffany] Ai ga karuku natte
Katamuita sekai de
Korogari sona watashi o
[Sunny] Anata wa sasaete kureta
Yureru densha de tatsu yori mo
Kantanda yotte hohoende
[Seohyun] Sekai ga owatte mo anatanoegao o
[Hyoyeon, Sooyoung] ] Eien ni shinjiyou to
[Taeyeon] ano toki kimete ita
[All] Toku hanarete ite mo me o tojireba hora kokoro wa soba ni iru
[Tiffany, Seohyun, Jessica] All my love is for you
Nothing left to lose
[All] Dare yori mo ai no imi o chikara o shi tsu terukara
[Tiffany] All my love is for you… woo~ yeah~
[Yoona] Donna mirai mo
[Jessica] konote de hiraku no
[All] Toku harukana michi mo
Anata ga zutto terashite kurerukara
[Taeyeon] Aruki daseru osorezu ni
[All] Dare yori mo ai no imi o chikara o shi~tsu terukara….
Kokoro wa soba ni iru
[Sunny] All my love is for you
[Kokoro wa soba ni iru
Kokoro wa soba ni iru

MP3 Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?o9rjfuu6c5e73mm

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