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Jung Hana (Yoona) of ‘Love Rain’ decided to pick Suh Joon (Jang Geun Suk) despite the guiltiness she felt towards her mom, Kim Yoon Hee (Lee Mi Sook).
The sixteenth episode of KBS drama ‘Love Rain’ on May 15 broadcasted Kim Yoon Hee telling Jung Hana and Suh Joon that she broke off her engagement. As the day of the wedding was approaching and Suh In Ha left for a business trip to New York, Kim Yoon Hee calls Jung Hana and Suh Joon telling them, “I thought it’d be better for you to hear this from me than from others. We decided not to get married. We just decided to stay good friends because that’s what we thought was best for us. We thought we should let you two know first.”
Suh Joon, knowing that this was the result of the two finding out about his relationship with Hana, asks, “My dad broke it off, right?”, but Yoon Hee did not answer.
Hana later finds out through Suh Joon that the two decided to break off their engagement for their children. Hana says, “They broke it off because of us? No way”, but Suh Joon says “Can we just think about you and me from now on? Let’s stay together now.”
Hana, suffering from guiltiness towards her mom, says “Sorry, mom, if I could, I want to clear up everything but…”, burst into tears. Towards the end of the episode Suh Joon visits Jung Hana at the resort telling her “Will you keep avoiding my phone calls. Just say what you wish to say.” Then Jung Hana tells him, “I want us to stay together.”

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