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Sooyoung's Selca @ Busker Busker Concert

120705 Tiffany Seohyun @ Salvatore Ferragamo Store Launching Event

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung Proves Her Long Legs

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is attracting attention for her long legs. On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment,” the segment featured several photos of Sooyoung and her unbelievable figure. Fellow hosts decided to measure the length of Sooyoung legs during the live show and were astounded to see that her legs were 107 cm (3 ft 6 in) longs. Her legs measured 5cm (1.97 in) longer than her co-host Yoon Do Hyun despite being taller than her.

Sooyoung commented, “I was slightly nervous, but I’m glad the results came out nice.”

Netizens commented, “I knew Sooyoung had long legs, but wow,” “She’s 170cm (5ft 6in) tall, and her legs are 107cm? I’m so jealous,” and more.

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[UPDATE] SNSD @ LG 3D Smart TV Promotion Pictures HD

Netizens complain SNSD’s Postage Stamps are Too Expensive

The highly anticipated SNSD postage stamps are being met with criticism. 

Following news that the SNSD members would be featured in an upcoming special edition set of postage stamps, some have begun to complain about the stamp set′s price. 

On July 3, the Korean Post had first announced the special SNSD postage stamps and had revealed it had specially cast the group for the upcoming stamps. 

The set will include 14 stamps in total with nine individual member stamps and five stamps featuring SNSD’s albums, and will cost 20,000 Korean won (approximately 17.64 USD) but the public immediately began voicing their displeasure online complaining the price was high. 

A normal stamp costs 270 Korean won (.23 USD), making the SNSD stamps almost 15 dollars more expensive.

Disgruntled netizens commented saying, “The SNSD stamps are expensive”, “I was really surprised at the price!” and “If it wasn’t priced so high I would buy one since they’re so pretty.”

Source: enewsworld.mnet.com
Photo credit: Korean Post

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Yoona to Model for Ciba Vision's ‘Dailies’ and ‘FreshLook’ Contact Lenses

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona was chosen as the new model for one day contact lenses from “DAILIES” and “FreshLook”, contact lens brands from CIBA VISION.

On July 4th, CIBA VISION stated, “Yoona is a star with representative ‘deer eyes’. Along with her pretty eyes, Yoona’s innocent, healthy image fits the safe and easily wearable ‘DAILIES’ and ‘FreshLook’ brands’ images well.”
Yoona is planning on participating in various promotional activities as the model for the one day circle lenses, “FreshLook Illuminate”, and one day corrective lenses, “DAILIES”. The official website for “FreshLook” has also already been updated with new photos of Yoona.

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SNSD @ Incheon Airport from Macau Pictures

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