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SNSD 5th Anniversary Photocard Scan HD

Sooyoung's Selca with Soojin and Jeong Uk Jin

SNSD's Messages on Signed Photocards - Translated

Taeyeon : Thank you for the support every time. i'll be looking for next fan meeting too. you know we 
got closer, right? hehehe ♥

Jessica : Sone hello~ exciting and fun, bbong~ ♥

Sunny : 5 years already? in the future, 50 years, 500 years....

Tiffany : Now it's 5 years...lots of tears...and going through many bdays, thank you very much. in the future, "Forever wanna dream with you (sone)" I love you. Really

Hyoyeon : I've been waiting for this day. let's enjoy this day~ let's make good memories to remember! thank you always

Yuri : Waaaa~oh! Anniversary! OhOhOh555Oh~! Ohl~ Fifth anniversary oh oh oh!! (‘oh’ is one way to say 5 in Korean)

Sooyoung : to those who were with us for 5 years, infinite thanks and love. 5 years become 50, then 500, will you love us?! Yes!!

Yoona : It's been really really long time. Can we meet more often? That happens today, let's keep it to ourselves!

Seohyun: Tell me your wish~ I’ll listen~ Tell me your~ wish There is a never ending line of people outside who wish~ (intending as ‘SONE’) for me~ A date with SONE that I’ve waited and waited for!! Today!! Let’s enjoy it!

Trans YoonSic SNSD 5th anni fan meet 120728 By YoonsicRoom

writer note : there might be a order confusion from the fan account , so please understand

Talking about YoonSic during the FM , YoonA and Sica both have been sitting together all the time . Sica was too hot so she fanned herself so did yoong helped to fan sica .
Dunno if there is something happening with yoonsic , their legs were leaning onto each other while they keep talking to each other and laughing . Did they asked if they had eye contact ? Before YoonA speak , she laughed , Jessica stopped her asking/telling her not to laugh kk
When going home , after thinking , today when YoonA appear on stage she appeared with a Superman pose kk
After when i went home yoona and sica's image was always on my mind so proud k

firstly ... Yoonsic were always together . So there was all kind of skinship . When Sica was having the fan in her hand crazily fanning her herself , YoonA suddenly grabbed sica's hand ? wrist ? (writer cant rmb) anyways she grabbed her ... no matter what they were doing i felt good .. keke and also when YoonA was crazily fanning herself , yoonsic both can feel the wind , tiffany who was beside them could also feel the wind .

At the start when YoonA come up she looked like she have the [ i am sica's superman ] feeling , after that my eyes was fixed on YoonA kk

After [ The Boys ] ended , YoonSic wanted to sit down but jessica didnt know where to seat . The members suddenly sat down also became a crisis(?) [ meaning yoonsic not tgt] But during the middle , sica sat beside yoona

Sica was too hot that she was fanning herself , YoonA also went over to fan sica , while they were chatting .

During [ Gee ] , Sica looked like she was feeling terrible/too hot/unbearable ... at that moment Sica whispered to YoonA , not long after YoonA when beside the stage to get a fan for sica .

During [ Paparazzi ] they made eye contact and laughed . YoonA made her fish laughter .. sica squinted her eyes kkkk

My place was the second row . But i was not front view all the girls so many yoonsic moments was not able to see properly , but manage to see a few . Today the kids/members are all so cute . Jung Sooyeon wrote on the FM card Sooyeon :) During the conversation the sitting position was Sooyoung Hyoyeon Sica YoonA Fany Yuri Taeyeon Seohyun . Once again during the talk YoonSic eyes matched and they laughed again . Sica squinted her eyes showing an expression : the weather so hot already still need to dance " kkk sica showed that expression again it was really funny . When they face to face talk that smile was really ...... kk when doing the 5th year anniversary cake , the kids/members got busy . While watcing the VCR the two took opportunity being in the dark and continue talking and even laughed . FM last even was fan's pink paper plane with messages to snsd , it was a emotional moment

Original : http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/bmiddle/70856f25jw1dvdrhlzikpj.jpg

Crd : YoonSicRoom

Sunny's UFO Messages - Translated

Yoona @ Love Rain Japan Official Wallpaper

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