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SNSD @ High Cut Magazine August Issue Scans HD

Yoona New UFO Profil Picture

SNSD chosen to represent the Korean Culture through Information Brochures

There wouldn't be any other good choice than the leaders of the Hallyu Wave!

Girls' Generation was chosen to help promote the Korean culture abroad through information pamphlets which contains Korea's most representative cultural contents like 'Hangeul' the Korean language, 'Hanshik' (Korean food), 'Hanbok' the traditional clothing in Korea, 'Hanji' the traditional Korean handmade paper and 'Hanok' which are the traditional Korean-style houses.

50,000 of these brochures will be distributed starting next week at the Yeosu Expo while another 30,000 will be distributed at the upcoming 2012 London Olympics and 20,000 copies will also be distributed in various Universities around the world.

Source: wonderfulgeneration.net

Seohyun @ The Face Shop Promotion Picture HD - Updated

SNSD Japanese Mobile Fansite Message Translated

SNSD Japan mobile fansite "SONE JAPAN" update
[Staff Blog]
19th July, 2012
Today I show you something to do in the dressing room every time. 

This lottery, Do you know what it is?
The answer is ....
to decide the order of the hair and makeup.
Here is the order of the time when SNSD appeared on Hey! Hey! Hey!
1. Tiffany 2. Yuri
3. Seohyun 4. Jessica
5. Sunny 6. Sooyoung
7. Hyoyeon 8. Yoona 9. Taeyeon

Seohyun Present to 2AM JinWoon

Seohyun present to Jinwoon[Twitter]
아 역시 친구가 최고입니다! ㅠㅠ
[Translation] *Message in the picture*
“precious friend~ jinwoon!! ㅋㅋ
watch your health! and have a safe trip to the jungle..
jung jinwoon! hwaiting~!! ^_^”

**”Jungle” because Jinwoon is going to Madagascar
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