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Snoop Dogg clarifies the meaning of Girls’ Generation’s “Biscuits”

After getting into a bit of hot water yesterday with a confusing tweet that many people misunderstood as being a diss towards Girls’ Generation, American rapper and hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg took to his Instagram and Twitter to clear up the incident.

Writing demurely as only Snoop Dogg could, he said:

Today’s lesson. from. Professor Snoop. Biscuits = ugly faces. My ladiez @GirlsGeneration. got beautiful faces. Legs n. thighs. No biscuits #ONELOVE & #REINCARNATED
– Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) July 10, 2012

He also tweeted the same message on Twitter, making it clear that the phrase ‘no biscuits’ means that there are no ugly faces in Girls’ Generation, and that some people have been misinterpreting his (admittedly hard to interpret) statements.
Publicity stunt for Girls’ Generation?

Source + Photos: Snoop Dogg’s Instagram, Twitter
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100 Entertainment Industry Staff Selects SNSD as Having the Most Beautiful Real-Life Appearance

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s beauty has, once more, been recognized. 

In the July 10 broadcast of MBC Music’s Show Champion 100 staff workers in the entertainment industry, including camera crew, sound crew, stage crew, lighting and more, were surveyed over the course of a month asking ‘Which female idol group has the most beautiful real life appearance?’ 

The results of the survey showed SNSD coming in first with those surveyed commenting, “When they’re on stage, they shine”, “SNSD is a wall no one can overcome” and “Their beauty really is the best.” 

Coming in behind SNSD was After School in second place, HelloVenus in third and f(x) in fourth in the same ranking. 

A separate survey was also done asking the entertainment staff members to vote on the male idol group with the best real life appearance. The results of that survey will be revealed on the July 17 episode of Show Champion.

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Sunny's UFO Messages Translated

Credits: @taenacity ll ImanRyad [SONEms.net]

Girls' Generation as the World's #1 Role Model for Cover Dance Groups

After analyzing participants’ dance cover from 4/26 to 7/10, Visit Korea Year has announced the top 5 role models for cover dance groups on July 10th. Participants from more than 50 countries in 6 continents worldwide have registered for this event. Out of the 1350 groups registered, 155 teams covered Girls’ Generation’s choreography, putting the girls in the no.1 spot. SHINee was ranked second with 98 teams, Miss A came in third with 79 teams, Sistar in 4th with 75 teams, while 2NE1 took the 5th spot with 70 teams.

Girls’ Generation and SHINee are favorites among the participants from Asia, Europe, North and South America. TVXQ took first in Oceania and while Block B seems to be Africa’s favorite group. In addition, Sistar’s rising popularity despite not having any promotional activities outside Korea is garnering a lot of attention.

On the other hand, teams that have passed the preliminary round will be competing at the ‘Visit Korea Year 2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival’ (http://www.coverdance.org)
Source: fanwonder.com
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