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Some Caps of Yuri on 'Fashion King' Ep 18 HD

Taeyeon Leave Selca and Message on Girls Generation Official Site

Hello Japanese fans, this is Taeyeon!!!
Is everyone doing fine?
I reeeally want to meet you all ^^ <3

Recently because every member is working really hard for their solo activities, I also really want to meet them. (><)

When all 9 of us gather we will definitely! show the Japanese fans a fantastic performance!! hehehe

SNSD's Seohyun sent sweet a message to her Teacher on Teacher's Day

On the 15th of May, "Teacher's Day" was celebrated in South Korea and of course Girls' Generation's Seohyun who is known for being such a sweet and thoughtful girl wouldn't forget to greet her teacher.

A day after, it was revealed that Seohyun sent her teacher a message and a screenshot of her message which read as, "Teacher, I miss you so much. It's "Teacher's Day" but I'm so sorry I couldn't go to you. I'm always thankful to you. When my activities end, I'm going to bring an album to you! I <3 you" was revealed online.

After that, her high school teacher replied with, "Wow Taetiseo~ I'm enjoying your songs ^^. "I am always watching you with pride".

Source : Wonderfulgeneration
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