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121110 Yuri Official Website Selca Picture and Message Translated - [From. YURI] 소원 ♥

소시는 LA에서 공연이 있어요~
직접 다 나눠드릴 수 없어서 넘 속상하지만..
이렇게라도 빼빼로 선물 보내요~
저희 열심히 새 앨범, 새로운 무대, 새로운 곡으로
꾸준히 준비 중이니까 기대 많이많이 해주기예율

저희도 소원만큼이나.
그리워하고 기다리고 있답니다
보고싶어율 으허허허허헝~
추워지는데 감기 조심 하시구요!

흑 완 보 싶 소

Soshi has a performance in LA~
I'm really sad I can't share it with you personally..
But I'm presenting you peppero at least like this~
We're consistently working hard on a new album, performance, and songs,
so you have to promise to look forward to it lots and lots.

Just as much as SONE.
We also miss you and are waiting.
I miss you euhehehe~ (more of a 'huh huh' laughing sound)
It's getting cold, so be careful not to catch a cold!

heuk (crying sound) wan bo ship so ('I miss you so much' shortened)

Credits : girlsgeneration.smtown.com ll Translated by Ch0shi ll Tetsuya [SONEms.net]

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