Dapet Uang Dengan Gampang? ini caranya


Taeyeon Official Website Selca Picture and Message - [From. TAEYEON] 최고!!!

음악중심에서 만난 우리 소원~
다음주에는 우리 또 어떤 컨셉으로 찍을까?^^ 냐히히.
만나서 반가웠어요 다들! 최고!


Our SONE I (/we) met at Music Core~
What concept should we use take a picture with next week?^^ nyahihi.
It was nice meeting you all! [The] best!

Sunny and Hyoyeon @ I AM Movie Screening Pictures

Hyoyeon @ Dancing With the Star 2 Backstage Picture with Park MinHa HD

Yuri and Sooyoung @ I AM Movie

Sooyoung and Jessica Sponsored Picture - Zaspero

Hyoyeon Picture with Park Ji Woo

Jessica and Yoona @ I AM Movie Pictures

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