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SNSD Baby-G backstage

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Girls’ Generation and SHINee prove why they’re masters on stage

Every time Girls’ Generation or SHINee perform on stage, they only receive praise for their tremendous stage presence.

Most of the time, these groups pull off their choreography and singing flawlessly but there are times when unforeseen things occur. When these unexpected things happen, these groups are quick on their feet, quickly assessing a situation and smoothing things over. The first example is Sunny, who had two incidents on a past “I Got A Boy” stage. First, her pink belt fell off while she was performing her solo part. Since it’s dangerous to have a loose article on stage – someone could trip and slip, Sunny quickly kicked it off the stage. But the entire process was done so naturally like it was part of the choreography that barely anyone noticed.

On the same stage, her hat was hit by Hyoyeon‘s elbow and almost fell off her head. Instead of panicking, Sunny just whipped it off her head for the headbanging part of the choreography so it wouldn’t fly off.

SHINee have also shown to be quick to react when a situation arises. During their ‘M! Countdown‘ comeback stage for “Dream Girl“, Minho‘s mic stand snapped, but he danced on as if nothing happened. As for the broken pieces on the stage, the other members expertly swept it off the stage as they danced on seamlessly, using their choreography to kick or slide the pieces off stage. During his solo part, Jonghyun slid his mic stand to Minho so the choreography could look natural.

Check out their performances below! Can you spot the mistakes?

SNSD - I Got A Boy

Shinee - Dream Girl

Sunny’s got some impressive reflexes on her..

Credit: allkpop.com

SNSD's Ace Bed New Promotion Picture

Sunny and HyoYeon at a Birthday Party

Yoona's New Photo for Eider

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SNSD at Gimpo Airport Heading for Japan

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