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"SK Telecom" Official Pictures

SooYoung with Ha JiYoung

HyoYeon in Phuket

Tiffany and Seohyun with Ashley Choi

SK Telecom CF Filming Official Photos

"Lotte" Department Store Pictures

HyoYeon with Friends

[From. SEOHYUN] 굿모닝~

good morning~~!

it's a fresh spring (day) that makes my eyes open on their own because of the warm sunlightㅎㅎ

everyone~ i miss you so muchㅜㅜ

a sleepy selca to starting the morning~! click!^^

Jessica with Italian Fan

Sunny in Kuwait

HyoYeon in Thailand

"Dating Agency: Cyrano" Official Pictures

[SPONSORED] HyoYeon with 9face

Sunny Selca with Someone

Mamonde New Promotional Picture

SNSD Featured in W Korea

HyoYeon in Thailand


The 20 concert tour that we spent with everyone together has finished successfully. (>_<) When I saw all the seats filled during the concerts, I was very happy and made many fun memories~! It really was the best time ^^

Please love us lots from now on~! Also we will release new music, so please look forward to it! Let's meet again~ ♥

trans cr: Redsunset@soshified.com
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