Dapet Uang Dengan Gampang? ini caranya


SeoHyun from SONE PLUS +

SeoHyun's message:

Everyone's voices was really loud and that got us really excited both days! ♪
I'm thankful for the fans for making such fun times. Let's meet again~★

cr. RedSunsetXIII

Jessica with Choi YongBin (Photographer)

cr: yogma22@Twitter.com

SNSD with Sean Garrett and Ricky Luna

cr: iamseangarrett@Twitter.com

SNSD "Lotte" Department Store Picture

cr. some13one@Tumblr

Tiffany THEBRIDE Sponsored Picture


Yuri @ HIGHCUT Magazine Vol. 97 San HD

SNSD @ Ami Magazine Vol. 23 April 2013

cc: Yesasia

Jessica with Lee Eunjin

cr: chicwoong@Twitter.com

Jessica with Legally Blonde co-star


Jessica with Park Min Young


Jessica & Hyunji Selca


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