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YoonA’s actual past photos made an appearance on KBS 2TV’S drama ‘Love Rain’ which was aired on May 28th.

In this episode, ahead of her eye surgery, Kim YoonHee (played by Lee MiSook) flipped through a photo album with pictures of her daughter Jung HaNa (played by YoonA) when she was still a child.

Filled with the fear of losing her eyesight, Kim YoonHee who was looking at the photos of her daughter said, “I will keep all these in my mind. I think I’ll be missing them a lot”. During this sad scene, the pictures in the photo album caught the attention of the viewers. These photos of ‘Little Jung HaNa’ were actually the real photos of YoonA when she was still a child. The photos served as proof that YoonA is indeed a ‘Motaeminyeo’, which literally means that she is a beauty since she was still in her mother’s womb.

Meanwhile, the final episode (Episode 20) of KBS 2TV ‘Love Rain’ will be aired on May 29th.

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YOONA’s letter to Love Rain staff

TRANS: Thank you very very much for your hard work, and to each and every person i’m so thankful for, “love rain” staff members!!
Thank you very much for helping to make ‘Hana’ [Yoona] look so pretty this entire time!!
It would have been nice if we could have gotten close earlier and talked more. I’m sad~ It was fun meeting all these nice people~!!^^Thank you for your hard work. Always be cautious/take care of your health (translation by ch0sshi)


In the episode of KBS2’s Love Rain that aired on May 28, Jun Ha Na and Seo Joon discuss what they should call each other.

Jun Ha Na is played by SNSD’s Yoona and Seo Joon is played by Jang Keun Suk.

Joon and Hana enjoy a meal in a restaurant for a date. Unexpectedly, the dish they shared in Fukaido was on the menu.

Joon recalls Hana’s nickname “Lululu” that he used to call her and says, “You used to eat a lot, but these days, you don’t. Why” Do you wish to impress me by looking good?”

He also adds “I want you to call me a lovely nickname, rather than Seo. There are a lot of those items such as oppa and things like that. While Ha Na feels shy, Joon says, “I’ve decided what I call you by. It’s ‘Lululu.’”

While the twosome talking about the lovely nickname between the couple, Joon gets a call from Paik Hye Jung, who asks Joon to come to her house right now. While Joon refuses to come to Hye Jung’s place, Hana calls him oppa.

As Joon is flustered by hearing what she calls him, Ha Na says with a shy smile, “I’ll try to call you that. You know we’re decided to not run away.”

The series Love Rain will come to an end on May 29 with 20th episode as a finale.

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YoonA expressed her gratitude towards the staff of ‘Love Rain’ through a meaningful gift.

On May 29th, a post entitled ‘YoonA’s gift in conjunction with the last filming’ with photos attached was published on an online community board.

In the photos revealed, the gifts were presented by YoonA to the staff of ‘Love Rain’ at the final shooting of the Monday-Tuesday drama. Along with the gift, YoonA also conveyed her gratitude through a message that reads, “All this while, thank you to every staff of ‘Love Rain’. Take this vitamin and stay strong always. Fighting!”. Jang GeunSuk who acted alongside YoonA in the drama also presented T-shirts to the staff as a sign of gratitude for their hard work.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens commented, “As pretty as her face, she has a kind heart as well”, “Both YoonA and the staff have all done well”, “Last time, I think she used to write messages to thank the staff at the end of drama filming too”, “How would the ending of ‘Love Rain’ turn out to be?”.

Feeling excited for the closing episode of ‘Love Rain’? Make sure to catch it on May 29th at 9.55pm KST.

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The preview for the next episode of KBS’s series Love Rain, in which Jang Keun Suk gives Yoona a deep kiss, is getting a lot of attention.

In the 9th episode of the series, which aired on April 23, Jang gave Yoona three kisses in front of a fountain and received an explosive response. In the 20th episode of the series, which will air on May 29, Jang will capture the public’s attention once again by giving Yoona a deep and passionate kiss.

People responded: “I couldn’t sleep after seeing the preview.” “I wonder how the series will end! I hope it will be a happy ending.” “So sweet! I wish the couple can be sweet like that until the end.”

A spokesperson for Yoon’s Color, the production company for the series, says, “The last episode of the series will portray the couple more emotionally. Besides the kissing scene, you will like the ending as well.”

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