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SNSD’s Yoona was acknowledged as the master of counting bills.

On the recent recording of KBS’s Hello, a man, who is distressed about his wife being obsessed over newly issued bills, appeared. His wife also appeared on the studio and showed off her ability of counting newly issued bills at an incredible speed.

Six members of SNSD also faced up to the challenge and tried to count bills in various ways. Jessica, who have had lived abroad, counted the bills like dollar bills. Yoona surprised the audience by spreading the bills in a fan shape and counting at a ridiculous speed.

Shin Dong Yeop yelled out in surprise, “People who are in charge of a lot of money count like that. Where did you learn to do that?”

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YoonA confessed that she looked old when she was younger.

On the January 14th installment of KBS‘ ‘Hello‘, a woman complained that even though she was 20, people thought she was still in elementary school. When YoonA heard the story, she spoke up and said, “I’m actually the opposite“.

She continued, “When I was in middle school, I was mistaken for a college student. When I was 15, waiters would hand me business cards and invite me to adult clubs. I was scared.”

When Kim Tae Gyun teased, “Did you keep the business cards for a while?“, YoonA laughed and said, “I didn’t“, causing the studio to laugh as well.

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TIME Article Features Girls’ Generation, Teases American Album

TIME, a major American news magazine, recently highlighted Girls’ Generation as a potential contender to supplant PSY and his popular single, “Gangnam Style”, in the United States. Citing the music video for Girls’ Generation’s new hit title track, “I Got A Boy”, writer Lily Rothman took notice of the over 25 million views that it has amassed since its January 1st debut. “I Got A Boy” currently holds the number two spot behind “Gangnam Style” on YouTube’s music charts. SM Entertainment USA marketing representative Jane Choi talked to TIME on Girls’ Generation’s behalf, stating that the American division of the Korean entertainment label believes that “the U.S. market has been wanting the Girls”. Choi later added that PSY’s success has hyped interest for K-Pop around the world, which in turn has been beneficial for Girls’ Generation’s plans in the United States.

TIME reports that Girls’ Generation’s first full-length American album will be released through their American record label, Interscope Records, later this year. A version of “I Got A Boy” will be included in the upcoming album. Specific details such as its release date and title are not known at this time. American fans were first treated to a fresh new Girls’ Generation release early last year with an English version of “The Boys” and a number of various remixes on a digital maxi-single.
TIME’s full article on Girls’ Generation is available here.

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