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High Cut magazine Vol 78 (iPad version); Seohyun fashion style + TaeTiSeo style Q&A

TaeTiSeo in 'Elle Girl' Magazine Scan By Deselim HD

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TaeTiSeo Twinkle Fan Card Fan-Meeting Fan Accounts

Taeyeon pointed at a guy wearing sunglasses, "Why are you wearing sunglasses?" 
Someone replied "Because these girls in front are too shining." Everyone laughed so hard.
Taeyeon teasingly said "I shall see if you can wear until the end."

When Fany was asked what she had been listening to, she said some female solo american artist, & they must listen to her because she's pretty good. & TY was like, "Please listen to SNSD's songs"

1. They talked about how they feel towards the promotion this time. Taeyeon said personally she became more calm (more 'taeyeon'), she said she was a perfectionist back then, but now she can adjust quickly to changes in environment. 
Seohyun said that she enjoyed it, really enjoyed it very much.
She added that depending on the atmosphere SONEs create, the level of energy she receives differs. That's why when SONEs are quiet, she will intentionally talk to them. She said, when SONEs are screaming and shouting, it becomes a lot of energy for her. 
Ah, Taeyeon also thanked us, then she asked, besides 'Thank you' is there any word that's stronger? She said that the word 'thank you' can't help express her feelings kekekeke.
So she talked fiercely in a cute way keke.

2. 3 of them asked us out of the broadcast centres which one we like the most keke.
Many voted for Mucore and Inkigayo, so girls asked us to raise our hands, keke
From MCountdown to Show Champion, but most people voted for MuCore. They asked us why, so we went "MC jobs!!", girls told us they feel the same kekeke.
Fany said that she has been requesting the director to change the studio. She said that back then during MuCore, she was nearer to SONEs so she could easily talk to them, now it has become awkward. 
She said now SONEs' legs will be painful and they'll be tired ㅠㅠ

3. Cake was suddenly brought out when we were talking.
Girls stared at manager as if they were blaming him keke, they asked him why did a cake appear randomly when they were talking to us kekeke.
We firstly sang the song we've prepared.
"Congratulations~" kekeke, This one, keke. But our timing was messed up so everything was chaotic kekeke.
Girls told us, "Seems that you guys practised a lot~ We are touched~", keke
They blew the cake and because girls were blocked by the table, Fany dragged it away by herself.

4. Q&A Time, keke.
A board was suddenly brought out with 5-words questions, girls were suddenly filled with desire.
There were at least 5-60 questions at one look, they told us, let's finish them all from the start to the end.

6. Who twinkles? They said that this question has little difference with "When do you shine the most".
Taeyeonie said that she is so flawless with her parking skill that she was amazed by herself keke.
Fany said, when she's singing and when she's wearing pink clothes. She said when she's wearing pink, her expressions change too.
Seohyunie said she feels most satisfied when she successfully sings the line "I catch your attention in a split second~" (Twinkle lyrics).

7. Who is the driving king?
This was asked before the previous question keke.
Fany said that now that she's the only one left without a license so she's scared. Then they said Fany, Taeyeonie and Sooyoung drove car and played around a few days ago. They said they had abdominal muscle after that, when the car comes to a halt, their body would swing forward, and they repeated it. They imitated Sooyoung and it was really funny.
This keke.
And because Sooyoung's arms are long, when she held the handles, her arms were in right angles, they imitated that, we burst into laughter kekekekekekeke.

8. Are SONEs reliable?
TTS: Relibale indeed~

9. How was Dream Concert?
Taeyeon said that a few days ago she heard from a staff in the company. The staff told her that in order to book the seats in L, M, N and P area, we spent a lot of effort. When she asked why are those areas good, the staff said that because the view was good there, Taeyeon went "Ah good view~ So we can be seen that clearly~", 
when she said that, she used hand gestures when she said 'yo~' (honorific).
And Fany said that during Dream Concert it seemed that their brained muddled, kekeke, she said they did a lot of gestures.

10. Members' recent conditions.
They said members are living very well, SNSD is not resting~, they also said members are always doing something.

11. Which movies did you watch?
Taeyeon said she watched 'Snow white',
Seems that Seohyun said she was dragged by unnies to watch movies kekekeke

12. What do you say when you talk in your sleep?
Taeyeon said she likes applications (in phones) very much, when she sleeps she said that 'There is a recording app and I tried it, it's scary', keke
She said she heard a woman's voice and something rolling. Fany said the laughter must be Yuri's voice from the living room kekekeke
And Taeyeon recorded her sleep talk for once kekeke, it's Taeyeon's privacy kekekeke

13. How is IAM?
Girls wanted to randomly start talking then they looked at the staffs' expressions kekekeke, then they started cracking jokes.
"It was really touching, heuk heuk (crying sound)", like this kekekekeke.
Then Seohyun who was sitting quietly at the side went,
"I opened my eyes and didn't watch."
She said because she was the one experiencing those things, so it's natural for one to feel embarrassed.

14. Who wakes you up?
They said managers and alarm clock, and Fany's alarm was 'BANANANANANANANA" this. kekekeke

15. Fany asked us during a fanmeeting what do we want to see, someone said 'Banana song', Fany said she wanted to make it into concert video and dress up like Minion kekekekeke 
Taeyeon said, then we must only draw one eye. kekekekeke

16. Who is very stubborn?
As Seohyun turned her head around, Fany pointed at Seohyun but Seohyun pretended that she did not know anything. 
Taeyeon held her mic and slowly met her eyes with Seohyun's. kekekekekekeke

Fan asked "Which member is the most stubborn?" Tiffany pointed at Seohyun while she wasn't looking.

TY recorded her own sleeptalk. Tiffany tried recording it too but Yuri's laugh from the living room was recorded instead

Taeyeon says, "Yuri is poor at parking and it's always slanted"

New Hyoyeon Selca

TTS in 'Elle Girl' Magazine July Issue Fantaken

SNSD Paparazzi FanArt

Yoona's Pictures for Innisfree

SNSD - Paparazzi Lyric

[All/Jessica] Uh la la la, la la la la

Uh la la la, Wow wow

Uh la la la, la la la la

Uh la la la

[All/Taeyeon]We’re the Girls, we’re the Girls Generation

[All]Cha cha cha cha

[Tiffany] Kocchi mite baby denwa shiteru Ring-Ring

[Jessica] Fushizen na hodo shisen na furi furi

[Seohyun] Kidzuiteru no yo paparazzi anata ga

[Sunny] Nozomi toori na egao de Aha-ha-ha

[Taeyeon] Hide and seek no Everynight

[Hyo/Seo] Madataku Style noseru Light

[Sooyoung] Motto ikichi hoshi kunai

[Tiff/Yu] Naka yoku yorimashou nakama janai

[All] Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove

[Yoona] Itsudatte anata ga Boom Boom Boom

[All] Hade ni Car chase hana no Around

[Jessica] Hikitsuke rarete Boom Boom Boom

[Seohyun] Negan mo tsukerare yashinai ai wo

[Taeyeon]Yami wo saite Flashing saite mane

[All] Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove

[Tiffany] Metemo samedemo Boom Boom Boom

[All/Jessica] Uh la la la, la la la la

Uh la la la

[Taeyeon] Yakuso to mitai gamen mo Uh la la la

[Sunny] Majime utteru ana kono La cha cha la

[Jessica] Danji no kare datte ietemo ma ma ma ma

[Seohyun]Himitsu no kisu no suriru de hara hara

[Tiffany] Punkadelic crazy night

[Yu/Yoo] Tokimeki Style no Searching Light

[Jessica] Bad Boy Bad Girl kinishinai

[Sun/Soo] Odore sareru yori odoru ga Style

[All] Life is a party tamechi hodo ureru

[Yuri] Mitsukatta razai ga Boom Boom Boom

[All] Yoru no hade iso no kage

[Sunny] Saki no warishite Boom Boom Boom

[Jessica] Uwasa ga uwasa ni tobi hishite irai

[Taeyeon] Moe agatte Burning shiteku My name

[All] We’re the Girls, we’re the Girls Generation

*Hyoyeon Solo Dance*

[Seohyun] Aishite aisare tadake na no ni

[Taeyeon] Kono koi mo kegareta koi nande

[Jessica]Gaman dekinai gaman dekinai

[Sunny] Nande sawaiteru hima wa nai no

[Hyoyeon] Achi de mo kochi de mo Boom Boom Boom

[Yuri] Mirarete no hodo kagayaku wada kara

[Tiffany] Come on friends hora oide yo Ra-ta-ta

[All]Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove

[Sooyoung]Itsudatte anata ga Boom Boom Boom

[All]Hade ni Car chase hana no Around

[Tiffany] Hikitsuke rarete Boom Boom Boom

[Taeyeon] Kowarete namida no hitotsumu ga ima

[Jessica] Hikaru taiyo mon do ni kawaru made

[All]Life is a party karechi kara Sweet groove

[Tiffany] (Life is a party~ Yeah, yeah, yeah!) [All] Metemo samedemo Boom Boom Boom (Boom Boom Boom)

New Pictures of BTS 'Love Rain' Filming

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