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121107 Taeyeon UFO Messages Replies - Translated

Fan: Unnie... My lips is bleeding/tearing.. T.T completely painful T.T
Taeyeon: you and who kiss...like that.. Aigoo *blows* hehe
Fan: T a e y e o n a h do you still use the T a e y e o n f o n t? This is so cute!! keke
Taeyeon: P l e a s e l o v e T a e y e o n ' s f o n t l o t s ^^

Fan: Do you know why SONEs are single? Be responsible for it!
Taeyeon: Then, do you know why I am also single...... ^^^^^^^

Fan: Which song do you like the most in the Second Japanese Album unnie? 
Taeyeon: Reflection is good ^^

Fan: why do you look so pure/innocent these days?? its so good when you're innocent/pure
Taeyeon: everyone will look innocent/pure when they wake up after sleep

Fan: Busy Busy Japan shukshukshuk!! kekeke 
Taeyeon: Where am I..... Who am I....? neuhehe

Credits : tagged ll d0ngie ll ImanRyad SONEms.net]

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