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120927 Taeyeon @ Official Website Pictures + Messages - Translated

사랑하는 소원 여러분 안녕???
요즘 다들 뭐하고 지내는지 궁금해ㅎㅎ
저희 소녀들은 요즘 해외를 오고 가며
열심히 이것저것 하고 있답니다^^
(여러분들을 위해서. 이히히)

날씨가 많이 선선해지고 있죠.
환절기 감기조심 하시구요.
곧 다가올 추석연휴도 알차게 아주 재미지게 보내세요!!
추석을 맞이하여 한복 입은 탱구가 인사 드립니다.

조만간 우리 또 만나요.
즐거운 추석 보내세요~~~~
사랑해요 좋아해요 소원^^


Bbuing bbuing
SONEs I love, hi???

I'm curious as to what you have been up toㅎㅎ
Us girls have been going to and from overseas while working hard on this and that^^ (for you all. ihihi)

The weather's getting cooler lately, right?
Be careful of catching a cold from the changing seasons.
Spend the upcoming, long, Chuseok weekend to the fullest and have lots of fun!!
In light of Chuseok, Taengoo sends greetings in a hanbok.

Let's meet again soon.
Have a nice Chuseok~~~ I love you, I like you, SONE^^

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