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Yuri Official Website Message and Selca Picture - Translated

안녕하세요 소원~
곧 추석입니다.

가족, 친지 분들과 좋은 시간 보내시구
송편 이쁘게 만들어서 맛있게 냠냠~
둥근 달 볼 때… 둥근 율 얼굴도 함께 떠올려주시죠ㅎㅎ
우리, 곧 봐요 또~~^^


Hello, SONE~
It's almost Chuseok.

Spend good times with your family, and close friends
Make pretty songpyun and tastily nyam nyam (eating sounds)~
When you see the round moon… Recall Yul's round face, tooㅎㅎ
Let's see each other again soon~~^^

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