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SNSD - Stay Girls

[Taeyeon] Oh woah~ Anata to no, deai de
Dono kurai watashi wa kawareta no darou
[Jessica] Jibu eunde wa, mienai no
Akogareta sugata ni chikazuiteru no

[Tiffany] Wanna be, wanna be, suteki na
[Yoona] Gonna be, gonna be, otona ni
[Seohyun] Nareru you ni, itai demo

[Tiffany] Be ladies, but we
[All] Stay girls, kokoro wa hold on
[Sunny] Yume miru kimochi wo
[Sooyoung] Ushinawanai de iru kara
[All] Stay girls 
[Taeyeon] Itsu mademo aru, kidashita hi no, you ni
[All] We wanna stay girls, we wanna stay girls

[Yoona] Warattari, naiteitari
[Yuri] Omoidashitara afuredasu kono ([Jessica] Memories~)
[Seohyun] Donna hi mo, donna toki mo ([Taeyeon]Yeah)
[Tiffany] Anata no koe ni, sasaerareta

[Hyoyeon] Every day, every day, hitori ja
[Sunny] All the way, all the way, nai kara
[Sooyoung] Tadori tsuketa, kono basho ni... 

[Taeyeon] Be ladies, but we
[All] Stay girls, mujaki na pure hearts
[Tiffany] Donna mirai ni itatte
[Yoona] Kawaranai mama de iyou ne
[All] Stay girls
[Jessica] Histamuki na brave hearts, hanasanai kara, zutto
[All] We're gonna stay girls, we're gonna stay girls

[Sunny] Wanna be, wanna be movin' on
[Hyoyeon] Gonna be, gonna be only one
[Yuri] Gotta go, gotta go ([Tiffany] Woah Woah Woah Woah~)

[Taeyeon] Be ladies, but we stay girls, chikaata one thing ([Tiffany] Yeah~)
[Sunny] Yume wo kanaeru made ([Tiffany] Eru made)
[Jessica] Akirametari wa shinai yo ([Taeyeon] Oh woah~)
[Seohyun] Stay girls, dakara anata mo, sono hitomi no, mama de

[Sooyoung] Be ladies, but we 
[All] Stay girls, kokoro wa hold on ([Tiffany] Oh~)
[Jessica] Yume miru kimochi wo ([Tiffany] Woah Woah~)
[Sunny] Ushinawanaideiru kara ([Seohyun] Ideiru kara~)
[All] Stay girls ([Taeyeon] Oh~)
[Tiffany] Itsu made mo aru, ([Taeyeon] Be ladies, but we stay girls) kidashita hi no, you ni ([Jessica] Oh Oh~)
[All] We wanna stay girls, we wanna stay girls

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