Dapet Uang Dengan Gampang? ini caranya


Sooyoung selca and message translated

SONE~~ Is everyone well^^?? Had a great Chuseok, right? Hehe
The weather has gotten pretty cool in the mornings and evenings..
Make sure to dress warm and drink lots of water so you don't catch a cold! Okay? Hehe
Hing what do I do, I miss our SONE so much.. Darn.. Hehe
Well just in case our SONEs miss me too, here's a selca^^ Hohoho

If you want to see more, watch Invincible Youth and Music Core!
As well as today's Midnight TV Entertainment and The 3rd Hospital..
The lonely Euijin is waiting for you^^ㅋ

Ah! And there is one more thing to check^^
Stephanie unnie's new song has been released^^ !
Amazing performance !!Stephanie unnie is so coolㅠㅠ..
Please recommend it to people around you! ^^

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