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More details on how Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho fell in love revealed ( + Indo Trans )

Earlier today, rumors of Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho dating had spread like wildfire when a photo of a physical copy of Sports Seoul was revealed. The front page claimed that the pair were dating, and the news has now been published officially on the Sports Seoul website.

Last year in September, Jung Kyung Ho had stated that Sooyoung had been a big strength to him while he was in the army. It was revealed that Sooyoung met him through a common friend after he publicly made this statement, they grew so close that they became a couple earlier this year.

Unlike other couples they didn’t keep their relationship in top secret by just meeting only at their homes and in cars. They were spotted going on dates in the theater, but while in the public, they did try to conceal themselves as they made sure to wear hats and comfortable clothes. A person close to both parties stated, “Their relationship isn’t unlike a regular couple. They talk about their work, and they’re becoming a big strength for each other.”

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Source: jennywill@Allkpop.com

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